Why Gaston sucks

Gaston from Beauty & the Beast has got to be one of the most unlikeable characters ever! Seriously, what a douche!

A résumé of his attributes:

1. Obsessed with himself


2. Abusive ‘friend’


3. Unhealthy fixation on hunting (gee I wonder what that’s a reference to…)


4. Disrespects Belle’s boundaries


5. Scheming jerk


But the absolute WORSE THING EVER–especially for a book lover like Belle–is the fact that he’s a:

6. Borderline illiterate tard!


… Complete with archaic views of women:


Oh no he didn’t!!!!!!! Even the Beast listens to–and seems to enjoy–her reading! LOL


On another note, I’ve always wondered why Gaston wears a red coat? From what I know, I could’ve sworn that his red coat was usually worn by the English army and that the French–where the movie is set–wore blue. If I recall correctly, ‘redcoat’ is also a historical term that was used to refer to British soldiers. I wonder if that’s a way of setting Gaston as the ‘enemy’, since France and England have a long-time history of rivalry? In any case, I suppose that red is also just as good a hint of his, um, ‘passionate’ approach to things. HA!


3 thoughts on “Why Gaston sucks

  1. Glad that I’m not the only one who hates Gaston’s guts. All who think that he’s the best Disney character of all are just fooling themselves.

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