Oil pulling with safflower oil

HOORAY!!!! I’ve finally gotten around to trying oil pulling with safflower oil–although I have a reason for my semi-paranoid approach following my frightening coconut oil OP experience.

I’m SO HAPPY to say we have a *WINNER*, seeing as it’s been a trouble-free experience!! So for the time being, I shall stick with it (or at least until I finish my bottle, haha). In the future I may also experiment with other oils like olive and grapeseed, but for now I’m satisfied.

I’ve been OP’ing with this oil for 23 days and I’ve noticed a few things as follows:

–Increased energy

–Occasional need to blow your nose after oil pulling, as a result of sinuses being cleared up

–Cleared up / clearer skin / reduced blemishes (although I will say I generally have good skin). I do have dry skin though and perhaps this is helping somehow?

–Strong gums, brighter teeth. Now, this hasn’t been a crazy tooth-whitening experience, although it’s possible that you’d get more of that effect with other oils? I can’t be sure though. Things may change as I keep doing it, but so far it’s more of a modest effect.

–MAY or MAY NOT be tied to safflower oil: I have noticed more toning in my abdominal area; something I’ve been striving for for quite some time. Obviously, I exercise to help me reach this goal and I try to follow a certain diet (nothing too extreme though; I do believe in enjoying life!! :)). However, I find it interesting that according to some claims, safflower oil can be particularly helpful in specifically blasting belly fat (Dr. Oz source can be seen here). It may not be the safflower oil, seeing as I’ve also taken on drinking kefir milk–which apparently contains fat-blasting CLA–and could therefore be another factor (see my post on kefir milk here). Either way, I’m down for the change!

As for the oil pulling process itself:

Safflower (not to be confused with sunflower) oil is relatively tasteless, which I find easier to OP with (removes the aftertaste effect that other oils have). The process is fairly easy and simple. The pic of the bottle is the exact one I use, and I’ve linked the pic to Vitacost; just one of the potential sites to order it from.

What you need:

-bottle of oil (varies with taste: olive, safflower, grapeseed, coconut, etc.)

-1 tablespoon

-15 minutes

*This is my routine*:

First thing when I get up, I swish a spoonful of oil in my mouth for 15 minutes. You can do it for up to 20 minutes, but I feel 15 minutes is long enough. It can feel like a long time the first few times you do it, so it may help to do something in the meantime, like put dishes away, watch TV, etc.

You simply swish it–DON’T swallow!–since the point of oil pulling is to pull bacteria from your mouth (and therefore swallowing is counter-productive by keeping it in your body). Then spit it out in the garbage–it’s best not to do it in the sink because accumulation of oil can clog pipes.

Then, I follow it by brushing my teeth and feeding my grumbling tummy after having teased it for 15 minutes. 🙂 LOL!

Needless to say, I’m very glad with the results I’ve seen so far and I recommend it to anyone interested in trying it out. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Oil pulling with safflower oil

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  3. I’ve been trying this with Coconut oil for about a week now, and have been impressed with the results.

    First, I had an abscess that was flaring up again, and after 3 or 4 days it subsided. This has flared up on me twice before, once about 4 years ago, then again a few months ago, both times I was told lets try antibiotics first to see if we can’t avoid having to have a root canal, and both times the antibiotics worked. So, this time oil pulling seems to have done the trick.

    I also noticed my teeth are the whitest they’ve ever been, and I’ve tried all kinds of whitening treatments from gel trays to peroxide mouthwashes to baking soda/lemon juice, etc. for the past 10 years. There was a noticeable whitening effect after the first time I tried oil pulling, and it’s gotten even better over the course of the past week.

    Now, the interesting thing is although the coconut oil I’ve been using (LouAnn) says it’s 100% pure, there was no other info on it that I could find, so I wrote to the company. It turns out that LouAnn Coconut is refined, which means it is subjected to high heat, which eliminates it’s Lauric acid content. Coconut oil in it’s raw state contains 50% Lauric Acid, and Lauric acid is highly desirable as it is very healing, is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, and more.
    You can only get Lauric acid in cold pressed unrefined Coconut oil. So I discovered the Nutriva brand of Coconut oil is this much higher quality unrefined Coconut oil and will be getting some of that to try in a couple of days.

    Considering I’ve already noticed positive results from this simple method that so many are discounting, I expect as good if not better results with the Coconut oil with the high lauric acid content, as ir should have far better antibacterial properties, and hopefully even better teeth whitening effects as it certainly does look visibly whiter than the refined coconut oil which has a slightly yellowish cast to it.

    I certainly recommend anyone try this method for themselves. You don’t have to use a full tablespoon to begin with, you can start with half that until you get used to it. After trying it with a smaller amount for one or two days, you’ll find the right amount for you as people have different mouth sizes and a full tablespoon may just be too much for you even after you get used to it. Personally, I use between 2 teaspoonfuls to 2 1/2 teaspoons as a full tablespoon is just too much for me. I use a kitchen shot glass which has measuring marks on it, and melt the coconut oil in the microwave for 20 seconds or so to liquefy it before taking it into my mouth and pulling.

    • Thank you for sharing your amazing experience and results!! The only thing I would suggest is to not put the oil in the microwave as that changes the structure and reduces the nutrients and good quality of the oil.

      • Hi Diana,
        Thanks for dropping by! I indeed have never put coconut oil in the microwave, nor any other oils for that matter. Microwaves are definitely not the best thing for us to use, but I suppose like many other things in our lives, it serves its purpose…

  4. I just started doing this also with Safflower Oil…Had a bad toothache…This started my search on how to stop a bad toothache. I had been brushing a lot, my gums were sore. Then I came upon a sight about Oil Pulling. I kept watching and someone on one of these posts mentioned Sunflower oil. I could not find it in the store so I bought the Safflower oil. Wow..Not only did it get rid of my toothache..my teeth have become whiter, no amount of whitening products ever did this..ever. My energy higher and face clearer. I do the same, swish first thing in the morning. In 2 weeks awesome gums and teeth. Just Wow.

  5. I’ve been oil pulling 10 mins every night after brushing & flossing my teeth, now for over 2 years.
    Because of oil pulling a severe gum infection cleared up and I was also able to experience the rot inside my back molars self-heal. Not having a dental plan and being underemployed this is all very important for me to discover. And yes, I use just plain evertday safflower oil (1 tablespoon) from the grocery store for my oil pulling.

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