On sexualized names for cosmetics


Like, stop.

Really, just stop.

Seriously, I have to ask: what the HELL is going on with make-up products being given highly sexualized names? Why?!


Illamasqua: “Sex” eyeshadow; a pure white, matte finish color. I mean I can’t figure out the correlation between the color white and ‘sex’; if anything that’s a color usually associated with peace, angels, light, purity and innocence, so the ‘creative license’ here (assuming there was any employed) makes no sense to me whatsoever…

Too Faced: Better Than Sex mascara, First Time lipgloss (nude color), Sex Pot lipgloss (darker color)

Benefit: Thrrrob blush (pink)

NARS: Deep Throat blush (peach with shimmer), Orgasm blush (peach/pink with gold sparkle) –and a whole Orgasm collection

Urban Decay: Lube in a Tube glosses

… And I’m sure there are other examples, but I’ll stop there.

Just UGH, why does everything have to be about sex?! I feel there needs to be a limit and I personally find NARS’s DT blush name to be downright vulgar and over-the-top. (Caution, lest your obsession make you look like you’re overcompensating for something… hmmm.)

Ridiculous! It’s tacky and messed up, particularly when it can subconsciously (if not physically and therefore, literally) further connect make-up / beauty care with cheap, trashy behavior. The issue is not the nature of sex itself or what people do behind closed doors; the question is why on earth does a blush, lip gloss, eyeshadow, etc. need to be named after sexual acts and/or references?! There’s already a plethora of ways that women are degraded in society; we don’t need that to be further reflected through COSMETICS, of all things, that have clear inuendos (as though that’s what all women are for and/or should ‘beautify’ themselves for).

I don’t know what the rationale is behind the exaggerated, tasteless naming of some of these products–although I assume it has something to do with money and the sad adage that ‘sex sells’. But I for one can say I would not buy a product if I find the name to be in poor taste. This is similar to me as any product denoting stereotypical / racist undertones in their naming, presentation, etc. As with anything else, it’s a personal choice.

Moreover, I don’t care how good any product might be; any make-up junkie knows there are endless dupes out there so even if you’re wanting a certain product, chances are high you could get something similar without the exaggerated names. And perhaps also price tag. And maybe even better ingredients!

Indeed; need I mention that some of these high end products have less than ideal ingredients in them? I tend to be a fan of Illamasqua’s artful campaigns so I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, to find out about their use of cheap, questionable products like paraffinum liquidum aka mineral oil / petroleum as well as parabens. NARS also uses parabens in its products, as I’ve noted many other high end products are still doing (although I’m hoping are starting to change or, at least, considering altering).

I don’t know if I’m in the minority, but I for one expect high end products to at least have HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS, which would usually make me excuse the high price point. I don’t mind paying well for a product provided it delivers on several fronts–and that’s kind of what I expect the price to reflect. After all, you deserve to take care of yourself, and one part of that involves putting good ingredients on your skin. So as much as I may not like a product’s name, and/or its high price, I always consider ingredients to be the most important thing in judging a product–and which ultimately proves my biggest deal breaker of all.

So with that said: product name that annoys me + less than ideal ingredients + high price tag?! You’re fucking joking right?!

I’ll gladly direct my lovely hard earned $$$ elsewhere! 



2 thoughts on “On sexualized names for cosmetics

  1. HAHA This was hilarious! You’re so right, I heard the ones for NARS the other day and had to clean my ears again to just see if I heard correctly, gosh. It doesn’t even describe the colours in any way at all. What’s the point?! Also, your picture of the lipstick and brush made me laugh haha

    • Hi Bhavika,
      I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t see the point of all that exaggeration. I randomly found that picture of the lipstick and brush and it cracked me up too 😉 Glad you liked the post and thanks for dropping by! Cheers 🙂

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