Things I’m reminded of by watching ghost / paranormal shows

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved watching scary shows (one of my “Twisted Reflections” short stories touches on that). By this I mean anything with ghosts or even strange phenomenons (ie: like one with this guy who’d make it rain no matter where he went… yea!)

I’m all grown up now (or am I?! haha) and while I still enjoy watching such shows (thank you “Paranormal Witness” and “The Dead Files”), my spiritual views have obviously evolved, and as a result, so have my take on those types of events. And while there are different stories that qualify as paranormal, I’ve always been most interested in stories of disincarnate / unseen spirits–like ghosts–rather than UFOs, werewolves, strange creatures, etc.


^Mmm. Never thought of that one!!

So with that said, here’s my list of things that I’m constantly reminded of after years of watching, reading and hearing about haunted places (and people!):

1. People don’t ask nearly enough questions when moving into a new home!!!

Seriously, this is your new home; you’re going to make a LIFE there, which naturally means you’ll spend lots of time there. Even if that time competes with your work, chances are important things will be happening in your home… because that’s the nature of homes. After all, it’s the place you share with loved ones (including yourself); your retreat from all of the constant ‘outside world’ stuff happening. So why wouldn’t you want to know as much as you can about your potential new abode? I’ve seen so many instances where there’s a weird shed in the back of a house, or a locked room in a place, and when potential buyers ask the realtor about it, they’re just told to ignore it (or something along those lines). And they go with it! I’m shocked at the idea that 1. the realtor should say this and 2. that the tenants would agree with this rather odd request. No; you should NOT have to do things as the seller (or anyone else) wants: it’s about to be YOUR house! If you want to open that shed, go into that room, and basically explore every nook and cranny of the darn house, you should be able to. Does it sound normal that you should limit the accessibility of your home from the very start? Definitely not. Furthermore, you may miss an opportunity to find valuable information–be it boxes of pictures and/or documents of old tenants, items left in an attic or room, and so on. Often these discoveries happen only after increased paranormal activity, which may have been avoided had the tenants been aware about these items (and by extension, the history of the house) sooner.



2. Exploring the neighborhood, meeting neighbors, etc. at the beginning is likely in your best interest.

Now we unfortunately don’t really live in a society that really does that anymore, which is really quite sad when you think about it. However, if possible, it can’t hurt to try to meet neighbors, introduce yourself and potentially ask about past tenant history. Very often neighbors know about what happened in the recent (or not so recent!) past on a level different from authorities (police, church personnel, etc.). After all they they do share a common location with the paranormal activity even if they themselves aren’t experiencing it.

3. Listen to your gut feeling.

Another term for that is ‘intuition’; but whatever you call it, it’s the same thing. Your gut feeling is an initial impression you get that you can’t explain on a ‘logical’ or physical level, but the fact you’re having it is definitely real and all you need to get you paying attention. For instance, some may get an odd feeling from the beginning but brush it off, only to later likely realize how telling it was (because it is!). Now, it’s also true that you can initially feel fine, happy and excited… until things start to spiral later on. So in that sense the odd impression might not always be instantaneous. However, it’s not uncommon for others in a person’s life to have a ‘bad feeling’ about the new home the person is about to move into, but they may choose to keep it to themselves for different reasons. If possible, ask others like family members and close friends for their input, since they could pick up on something that you hadn’t noticed.


4. Pets (especially cats and dogs) are very helpful in determining if something is off.

Animals operate on instinct. One of the things I’ve always loved about them is that, unlike humans, they don’t fake their feelings. So if your pets start acting differently and/or strangely–ie: immediately barking at a certain part of the house, refusing to enter a room, etc.–then there’s definitely a reason for it. I’m obviously not talking about silly excited behavior animals can often display, but rather behaviors that are known to be unusual to the owner(s). Whether bringing your dog to an open house is allowed will likely depend, but if so, I don’t see the harm in doing so and would be mindful of what I noticed in the pet’s behavior.





5. Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

This is likely to be a common reaction, especially at the beginning. People will wonder if they just imagined it, dismiss it like it’s no big deal, etc.–there is no shortage of excuses to use. On some level, it’s understandable that at the start many will try to shrug off weird events and resort to ignoring them. In a way it’s a self-defense mechanism to put some distance with it by not focusing on it and/or letting it control you. Unfortunately though, events may likely intensify, especially if the entity wants to make itself known–which they usually do.



6. Signs and information often come through dreams.

Ok, so they might be more like nightmares, depending on what’s seen and how they make you feel–the feeling part being very critical to dreams, if not life in general. After just about 3 years of writing down my own dreams, I’ve learned that they can be quite telling in many ways–and negative energy is definitely one of them. (Ironically though even when I have bad dreams I still refer to them as dreams, not nightmares… personal habit? lol). By taking notes you could learn about who’s haunting the house, the history, etc. I don’t believe in coincidence to begin with, but the fact that many people who move into haunted places start having nightmares soon after is pretty much a dead giveaway. (See what I did there 🙂 )



7. Negative energy will feed on your fears.

I’d love to say that people shouldn’t be afraid, but it’s obviously understandable that they might be. What I mean by not being afraid is that negatively-driven entities will feed on that and use it to their advantage, which you don’t want. You don’t want to give them power over you and by fearing them, it’s like acknowledging that they have control over you. No doubt that some can inflict physical harm, but that’s where I really hope people would ask for guidance and protection in any way that works for them. Regardless of one’s spiritual views, you’re protected and loved and can (and really should!) ask for assistance, whether that be from God, Jesus, guardian angels, etc. (As a Christian of course I always say and can only recommend going straight to the source, which is Jesus). Always aim to ask for guidance from a positive source since these entities are negative–and since the energies won’t match, they won’t be able to stand it (because they don’t correspond).

One example of a negative entity trying to gain power is through creating tension between family members. For example, a wife might be concerned and the husband won’t be understanding (for different reasons), which is obviously to a negative entity’s best interest. It’s important to note changing family dynamics and to determine how to strengthen ties should they become affected. Unfortunately it does happen that families split up because of differences in paranormal–and other–beliefs. However, relationships being complex as they are, the haunting might not be the only factor leading to that outcome, but rather serving as one more step to breaking-up a family. Unity is the best defense against such an event, and like anything else requires dedication and faith.

^Pretty much can’t stand that guy!!!

8. There are different kinds of entities, not all of them are ‘bad’… but the fact they’re there isn’t exactly a positive sign.

Thanks to several cultural factors and behaviors, it’s common for people to assume that all ghosts / spirits/ things unseen, etc. are necessarily ‘bad’ and dangerous, but that’s not necessarily true. Of course it’s important to remember that some are more violent than others and that becomes apparent through physical manifestation; be it moving items, scratch marks, etc. (such as poltergeist or demonic activity). However some ghosts may be tied to a place due to a past trauma in their lives, but may have more of a protective nature that’s reflected in how they interact with living tenants. With that said, regardless of their natures, the uniting factor of these entities is that they’ve all passed away from the physical world but have not moved on–hence their remaining ghostly presence. That in itself is not a very positive sign because if they were at peace, they wouldn’t be there to begin with.



9. Sadly, some would rather profit from such phenomena than setting these souls at peace.

Unfortunately in an effort to be entertained, we don’t always realize that the kinds of entertainment we seek may not be ideal. In at least some ways we are becoming increasingly desensitized to certain things, leading some to seek deeper thrills. The sad part is when property owners–of restaurants, old hotels, etc.–actually want to keep the phenomenon going simply because they want to profit from it. It’s sad because not only are sad events being displayed as some kind of ‘show’ to be experienced for ‘fun,’ but perhaps more alarmingly, that’s the way the person has chosen to earn a living (or at least part of it). Whether conscious of it or not, it’s like giving the entity power by believing that your livelihood depends on them being there–which it doesn’t and it shouldn’t. Either way the co-dependency is not healthy. This is but one example that serves as a reminder of both the importance of remaining and endorsing positivity, as well as examining our own role in perpetuating unpleasant events.

10. Energies are real.

Perhaps this is the most important point, and what it all boils down to. Again, the earliest hint of that may be through your gut feeling(s) (see #3). It also reminds us that crucial factors like prayer and faith DO work, regardless of the amount of time it may take to rid a place of entities. There are endless accounts of harmful entities showing up only to be cast away through prayer (and I mean that from both what I’ve seen and heard about and from accounts from people in my own life), and once again, that’s no mere coincidence to me.

It saddens me when people are worried, feeling like they can’t talk to anyone for fear they won’t be taken seriously or even be called ‘crazy.’ Like why would anyone want to make up something like that?! Obviously in these cases we’re not talking about mentally unstable folk looking for attention, but rather normal people, especially when it’s obvious they are visibly shaken–if not seemingly different from how they usually are around their families and those who know them.


On that note, I once read an account on some scary story (might’ve been about Amytiville; not sure) and the man writing made a statement about the need to keep a sense of humor, especially in dark times. In case that’s not obvious by the memes in this post, I couldn’t agree more, because humor has such power in it that it instantly dissolves anything that feels uncomfortable. (It goes without saying that the memes are used to insert some humor into the post, not to make fun of anyone who’s been through any paranormal activity). As much as accounts of haunted houses can be creepy, it can be enlightening to reflect on the attachment(s) of some of these entities, as well as the bonds formed between people who had such experiences, and I always love when it all culminates in peaceful closure for everyone involved.

In closing, there are a few things I’ve thought about when it comes to ghostly phenomenon. Like for one, if you’re gonna be stuck in a house, why don’t you do helpful stuff like the dishes, clean the house, cook… instead of just moving stuff and possibly even breaking them? Oh, and why aren’t there ghosts of certain animals, like insects and stuff? (And I was quite glad to see someone else thought of it, as proven by the meme! LOL) 🙂



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