Conscious organic skincare brand: Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

I’m grateful to be featured in Annmarie Gianni Skin Care‘s Beautiful Voices blog!

I’ve been using Annmarie Skin Care products for over 3 years now and LOVE IT!

In honor of being featured, I’m happy to look back on the products I’ve used, and which I overall highly recommend you check out.

As I’ve gotten older and reflected on my use of makeup, I’ve become more dedicated to taking better care of my skin. This was not because of any particular issues I had (which in my case, is usually dryness in some areas), but rather to develop good habits to prevent (or at least delay) potential issues. After all, as with many things in life, it’s usually easier to treat / catch something early on, than to treat it once it’s already more developed.

I gravitate towards natural ingredients, so discovering Annmarie’s line was right up my alley. My heart jumped even more when I found the line entails products that include frankincense and myrrh–ingredients that carry meaning for me as a person of Holy Land Christian descent.

Given the range of products available, it can be hard to know where to start, so I tried the Sample Kit – Restore for Dry and Mature Skin. At the time, that sample consisted of the Purifying Mud Mask (now replaced by the Aloe Herb Cleanser), the Anti-Aging Facial Oil, and the Anti-Aging Serum. Since a little goes a long way, I got at least a handful of uses out of it, and I was instantly a fan. I loved the facial oil which, like many other essential oils, didn’t feel thick and ‘oily’ at all and absorbed well into my skin. But my instant favorite was the Anti-Aging Serum, whose scent I adore and has become my go-to. It figures as my most luxurious skincare product, and it’s absolutely well worth it. Whenever I have any kind of flare up, I apply it (usually during my evening routine) and always wake up feeling like I got a nice treatment during my dreamtime (Haha 😀 Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the various ingredients and scent also contribute to a nice sleep 🙂 ) As mentioned, a little goes a long way, so that one or 2 pumps are enough to do the job. This can also be followed by a moisturizer; all as per experimentation with what works for you.

I don’t necessarily use this product every day, as I tend to alternate in different patterns–perhaps one week I’ll use it, then switch off, or use it every other day, or every 2 days, etc. All these factors only contribute to making this a worthy investment and not a product that is used up overnight. One estimate I have is that, when I was using it almost everyday, it lasted me at least 6 months. My latest ‘switching’ habits would naturally only extend that time period.

The products come in dark glass bottles that I believe helps in keeping light out, thus preserving its contents. Another added bonus is that they are, of course, recyclable! I love to use them for other essential oils.

The conscious company ethics, great customer service and appreciation, topped with amazing products make this a company highly worthy of consideration.

Visit the website at:

Nicola’s Leg by Natacha Pavlov : book now available

I’m SO HAPPY to announce that my latest book, Nicola’s Leg, is now available! 😀

Nikita and Natacha, of Russian nobility, flee the Russian Revolution to Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives. Thus is born my grandfather Nicola’s story: from adolescence in Eastern Europe, to serving in Egypt during World War II, to his imprisonment at the onset of Israel’s Six-Day War, his journey unfolds, eventually culminating in the loss of his legs.

Hardcover, 123 pages. Available here:

Cover art was made by Victoria Cooper Art, who creates great historical fiction book covers!